Happy 4th Anniversary to My Little Blog!

The Private Life of a Cat (1944)

Another year has passed and it seemed like I celebrated two birthdays: the first one being my birthday every July the 3rd and then this, the birthing of my little blog. My blog is four years older today. So much have changed and so many transformations it underwent yet it remained a simple, insufferable blog written for insufferable people. I was actually planning to transform the blog a few days ago after finding my unhappy wallet empty into a garbage bin of advertisements and  posts about earning gazzilion of dollars online through Botox implants. After extracting some juice from this blog, I would quit blogging altogether and move to higher fields of writing like actually publishing articles on journals.

Establishing the journal: INDIOCINE: A Journal on Philippine Cinema last November 2011 introduced me to a lot of plausible reasons on why I should take the serious, cold-path of cinema writing ---- the long writing. There is more to long writing than blogging. After turning in my first lengthy analysis ever on Lav Diaz' Century of Birthing (2011) for Sir Mauro Tumbocon's upcoming Fil-American film journal, I found the writing process as contemplative as watching a Lav Diaz myself. During those five days of writing, I reflected deeply about the artistic legacy of the contemporary Philippine cinema and the many problems it continuously endures. I was aware that I was in the heart not just of Lav Diaz's cinema but of Philippine cinema itself. I wonder if my blog writing amounts to something else more than an article of note. I haven't written a single essential post in years --- all are just notes filled with jargon, synecdoches and invented language.  With the changing landscape of the film blogosphere and the death of many film blogs like Arbogast on Film, I thought of doing the same. Arbogast said it so well, I'll quote it:

"And yet my decision is not solely based in a paucity of free time. For a while now I've felt a creeping disinclination to review films in the way that I have for many, many years; I still watch as many movies, if not more, as I used to but now I find myself growing more reticent and less moved to spout off right away, to tender opinion, to thumb up or thumb down. I've long been hagged by the desire to step back from this obligation, to talk less and learn more, to re-educate myself, redefine myself, to retrench... and now seems as good a time as any." - here

Well, yeah, Arborgast and I have a similar reason on killing the blog. My sensibilities have changed for months and I have a tendency to dwell so much in reflecting while I write reviews making it harder to crank regular reflections on films. I figure, if I am going to focus more on serious film-writing, I should stop blabbering and blabbering about it all.

But on  a second thought,  I wonder where I can write random comments on films. By the way, Auditorie has a Tumblr site. Don't worry, it won't get your nose runny with blood. It's purely a screenshot blog updated once or twice a week. So I figure, why not revamp this shitty blog and make it more digestible and less highfalutin for the typical cinephile. But it will still have the same spirit of uncovering unknown cinema (which are mostly found on Youtube and Vimeo nowadays).

I do hope more people will advertise on this blog even if that makes me a whore. Every blogger is a whore! Auditoire is a PR 4 blog with over 180000 visitors worldwide. Don't miss it! We can negotiate the price. Okay, that sounds too much of a whore!

So yeah, I won't quit blogging. Darn. More updates to come from your whore blogger, Adrian, and his partner, Eriz.

To all the silent readers out there, thank you for still reading my irregularly updated blog. Site statistics showed that there is handful of Russian readers out there. Hello there Russians! I bet you found my site easy to google translate. Well, what do you say?


May this blog live forever even without updates! Hahahaha!


Random Chismaxxxx!

Possibly from a photoshoot in 
Death in the Land of Encantos (2008)

Did you know that Lav Diaz will be starring a major role in Whammy Alcazaren's new film Colossal (2012) together with Mercedes Cabral and Acey Aguilar? Pretty exciting for Lav Diaz fans out there. That man's black and white hair needs some cameo role itself. He will not be playing cameo for this movie but a character role, possibly an old man. Lav has a pretty face too. Right Eriz? (Darn! So this will be the standard language here. No highfalutin stuff or anything.) Watch the trailer of the biggest and most anticipated student film of the year, Colossal (2012).

Colossal (Whammy Alcazaren, 2012)