The Project: Lesser#3 Meditation No. 3 [2011]

[New Avant-Garde Movement Project]

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 Lesser#3 Meditation No. 3 
(T.C. Chew, US, 2011) - 5'17''

[from his vimeo]

"this is another page in my research journal for project title: Lesser#3.

it does not contain conventional artistic and commercial distribution value.

it is produced merely for the expression & eventual annihilation of the self.

please forgive our trespassing of the worldly dogmas & possessions which, with all respect, some of us hold onto so dearly.

the montage engineers wish to thank all the brothers & sisters of humanity who have contributed directly and/or indirectly to the evolution of the images and sounds in this video.

borrowing the ideas from 1000 plateaus (Deleuze & Guattari), we like to say that in lesser#3 meditations, there is no beginning and ending, just becoming...

omg, i'm sounding so seriously already. where's the joker when u need one? my thoughts are flowing again, meditation number four coming soon. hehe.."