The Project: Zero [2011]

[New Avant-Garde Movement Project]

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(Dodo Dayao, Philippines, 2011) - 4'42''

[from his vimeo]

"Notes from the New Jersey screening of Zero: "Before embarking on a European tour, the Manila-based chamber pop supergroup Vigo, named after and subsequently haunted by the filmmaker, recorded three songs and issued an onus to all independent and underground filmmakers inclined to make music videos from them, as opposed to for them. The idea was for each piece to exist independently from the song as a singular work, the only caveat being that the song should its grist and be part of it. Fair enough. Roughly about a dozen videos were made. The elements that make up Zero were shot during the same two-day period of shooting the video I made. Of the three songs, I picked the ballad The Last Commandment, but rather than use it here as well, I used one specific element of it, making it in effect like a shadow of the original work, but one meant to have autonomy from it. Whenever I’m asked what Zero is exactly, I tell them it’s a ghost story. Also, a love story. And how they really are the same thing." with Carmina Cruz and Ligaya Leccio
music by Khavn de la Cruz and Vigo; director of photography Allan C. Balberona; produced and written and edited by Dodo Dayao"