The Project: Clocks [2007]

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(John Philippe Carpio, Philippines, 2007) - 11'07''

[from his vimeo]

* 2007
* Color
* Dance
* Mini DV
* TRT: 11:06 minutes

The film was edited from a documentation of a dance performance collaboration between Donna Miranda, Dancing Wounded Contemporary Dance Commune and other independent artists entitled "PROMISES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN", it was performed on two separate evenings in 2006 (November 9 and 11) at the Lumiere Café and Gallery along Makati Avenue. The long dance piece involved rehearsed and improvised sections as well as unrehearsed collaborations with the different audience members on each night.

"CLOCKS' is one portion of the entire piece.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Donna Miranda, Red Lasam, Dancing Wounded, Tess Jamias, Diego Maranan *PERFORMERS: Donna Miranda and Red Lasam *ALSO FEATURING: May Bayot, Jose Jay B. Cruz, Tess Jamias and Diego Maranan *PRODUCER, EDITOR, CAMERA OPERATOR: JP V. Carpio *PRODUCTION AND STAGE MANAGER: Issa Lopez *STILLS: Jed Escueta

a linao films and dancing wounded production

The film is part of an ongoing series of documentation work involving the Dancing Wounded Contemporary Dance Commune.

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Festival Screenings:

Uncensored Bodies Film Program, Wi_fi Body 2: 2nd Independent Contemporary Dance Festival, July 2007

Indiemand V Film Festival, UP Pi Omicron Fraternity, University of the Philippines Diliman, 5 December 2008"